Tallgrass Tales

Ranching Stories Recorded by Mark Feiden

Pioneer Bluffs has been awarded a Humanities Kansas grant to support “Tallgrass Tales,” a short film project that will collect and preserve favorite stories from Flint Hills cattle ranchers and cowhands. Interviews will be conducted and produced by Mark Feiden of Roeland Park, Kansas.

“Someone who is 80 years old today, and who grew up in farming and ranching, has witnessed considerable change. They knew the ranch before cattle trucks and stock trailers and they likely knew the county before paved roads and rural electrification. Many of them spent their days on horseback, routinely drove cattle between distant pastures, and worked livestock without the aid of pens and chutes,” says Feiden. “If we wish to preserve the timbre of a largely bygone era, we must act now.”

View stories from the farm and ranch on the Emil Redmon’s Cow website

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