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Located on the historic Rogler Ranch just north of Matfield Green, the Pioneer Bluffs Center for Flint Hills Ranching Heritage invites ranchers, locals, schools, and visitors seeking a Flint Hills experience to come along with us as we journey through time to explore our history, and join us as we examine contemporary ranching issues.

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Pioneer Bluffs Fall Round-Up

Saturday, October 14th

1:00 – Ranch Activities for all ages
2:00 – Prairie Talk: Kansas Music History by Derrick Doty
3:30 – Cowboy Poetry
4:30 – 3 Trails West performance

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The Patton and Johnson Story

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The Patton and Johnson families came to southern Chase County shortly after the Civil War. The Pattons settled west of Matfield Green and the Johnsons settled east of Matfield Green. Both families farmed the fertile soil along the creeks and ranched in the rich upland native tallgrass prairie pastures. Six generations later, some Patton/Johnson ancestors still live and work in the Flint Hills. This Prairie Talk will focus on how farming and ranching were equally important to the economic survival of pioneer Flint Hills families. The symbiotic relationship between farming and ranching still exists in 2023.

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