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Located on the historic Rogler Ranch just north of Matfield Green, the Pioneer Bluffs Center for Flint Hills Ranching Heritage invites ranchers, locals, schools, and visitors seeking a Flint Hills experience to come along with us as we journey through time to explore our history, and join us as we examine contemporary ranching issues.

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The Bobbie Hammond Story

At our last Prairie Talk of the year, we heard from a Flint Hills legend who spent most of her 83 years “cowboyin'” – and is still working today. Bobbie Hammond once managed 35,000 acres and 17,000 head of cattle, and she had stories to tell about her amazing life. See videos from the Prairie Talk by Bobbie Hammond. 

Doe and fawn wading in creek waters

Fawn Season at Pioneer Bluffs
May – June wildlife camera video compilation – The surge of spring rain coursing through Crocker Creek and the fresh green foliage create a beautiful backdrop for glimpses of wildlife in the natural area at Pioneer Bluffs. In addition to the deer you will see bobcat, coyotes, a pair(!) of beaver, blue heron and more. Fawns walking with the mother doe and also bedding down in the glade appear throughout the video.

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