Sauble: Stories from the Flint Hills

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Pat Sauble book cover

Pat Sauble always had a story to tell, and his stories live on in the book, “Sauble: Stories from the Flint Hills.”

A three-year project, this book is a collection of short stories and a few tall tales told by Sauble over his lifetime as a rancher near Cedar Point.

Pat was born in 1921 to rancher John Sauble. His grandfather, David Sauble, was one of the earliest settlers in the Flint Hills, having ridden to Kansas with his friend Pete Hoover in the 1850s. The friends worked cattle across south central Kansas, knew trailblazer Jessie Chisholm and hid from Indians in a dugout on what became the Sauble ranch. Today, the DS Ranch is the oldest continuously operating ranch in Kansas and among the oldest in the United States.

Pat grew up hearing family stories of his father, grandfather and extended family members. He started retelling the stories himself while still a boy on the ranch and continued the tradition throughout his life. Together, with his daughter and son-in-law, Susan and Dennis Hague, Pat managed the DS Ranch right up until his death at age 98 on Dec. 7, 2019.

“Sauble: Stories from the Flint Hills” is co-authored by Patrick Henry Sauble, and Bonnie Lynn- Sherow, K-State associate professor of history and director of the Chapman Center in the College of Arts and Sciences.

“As soon as I met Pat, I knew this was something I had to do — not just for him, but for everyone who loves the Flint Hills,” Lynn-Sherow said. “Pat was a rare treasure and incredible ambassador for rural Kansans and their ties to K-State.”

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