The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs

Lodging in Chase County

The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs, the historic ranch, and the surrounding tallgrass prairie deserve a longer stay than just passing through. At the gallery, you will find general information about the historic Rogler ranch, the Flint Hills, and Chase County, as well as a helpful little map of a recommended autoroute through a magnificent part of the tallgrass prairie, and hiking information.

We recommend the following places to stay overnight, or spend a restful weekend or vacation:

Matfield Green

Not far from Pioneer Bluffs, several private homes and guesthouses are made available to visitors for overnights, weekends and longer periods.

Matfield Station on the railroad is in the historic bunkhouse, now beautifully restored and offers all modern comforts, and great views of the prairie.
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Elaine’s Prairie Home is a beautifully restored private home just outside Matfield Green. Available from May-November.
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Frontier Store House . A beautifully restored home that was the first log cabin built around the 1860’s in Matfield Green.
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Prairieside Cottage.
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True Prairie Home 
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Cottonwood Falls

The Grand Hotel & Grill has a well-known restaurant, famous for its beef. Phone: (620) 273 6763.

On the Cottonwood River The Millstream Resort Motel has a great garden and overlooks the falls. Phone: (620) 273 8114.

The LarkInn Guest homes. A growing number of charming and convenient guest houses.
Phone: 620-273-273. Check out the website for more information.

Plum Street Guesthouse.
Phone 620-273-6775 or 620-340-9634. Check out their website.

Clover Cliff Bed and Breakfast.
Phone: 620-343-0621

Cedar Point

Flying W Ranch: Honoring the Cowboy Traditions of the Tall grass Prairie, Kansas Flint Hills – Phone: (620) 274-4357.
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