The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs

Artists in residence

Caya in disguise

A familiar face for everyone who visited Matfield Green and The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs in August or September 2011. Tania “Caya” Witte, writer in residence from Berlin, Germany met many locals while she was working on a new book, and was being photographed by artist in residence Risk Hazekamp from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Risk recently had a successful show in Berlin of one of the projects she came to do while in the U.S. Galerie Funke presented “Solitary Fruit”, (mostly) black and white analog photographs all made in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the Deep South. At the end of 2011 Risk Hazekamp followed the 1959 route of the (white) American writer John Howard Griffin, who in his in 1960 published book “Black Like Me” reports of his travels as a black man (with help of medicine, UV light and make-up) through the Deep South. Hazekamp projected this subversive idea on the Gender theme and traveled not as a woman, but as a man.

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Tania Witte

Writer in residence at Pioneer Bluffs, August – September, 2011

Tania Witte is a Berlin, Germany, based author, novelist and spoken word artist. She has been a writer since she learned how to spell, and a performer since she discovered the pleasure of speaking out loud.

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Risk Hazekamp

Artist in residence at Pioneer Bluffs, August, September, October 2011

Risk Hazekamp is a Dutch artist residing in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Berlin (Germany). She participates in the artist in residence program at Pioneer Bluffs from August through October, 2011.

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