The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs

Benjamin Love – Summer 2014

‘Space Composition’

July 11 – September 28, 2014

Starting July 11th, The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs shows new work by Benjamin Love from Los Angeles, California. As an extension of his interest in the history of abstraction, Love presents twelve paintings that consider if one can structure or create a grammar for painting and artworks generally.

For ‘Space Composition’ Love uses Erle Loran’s book Cezanne’s Composition to question if the creative process can be concentrated into a set of rules. In the book, Loran presents a rigid system for delineating Paul Cezanne’s process of making a painting and creates a whole new grammar of art making. Love approaches Loran’s nomenclature for painting and concept for space composition as the subject of the work creating twelve paintings that not only illustrate a system of space composition, but also embody the diagrams by highlighting the structure of deconstructed art making. They depict the grammar that Loran found in Cezanne’s work, and by doing so also manifest the rules themselves.


Love’s work often relies on spaces that straddle many different uses and identities and illuminates the ways in which the existing functional objects of a location become sculptural elements. He is very interested in site specific work in which the audience is invited to experience (functional) objects in space.

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