The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs

Richard Kooyman – fall 2012

“Where Poetry Resides” ends December 30, 2012. “What does a painting named after the Hubble telescope, a photo of a bison by Eadweard Muybridge, images of the Great Lakes, and the 1970’s music of Neil Young […]

Oct, 16

Photography Workshop – fall 2012

Photographing the Flint Hills: Discovering the Details. At the heart of any good photograph is the photographer’s vision or how that photographer “sees”. In this workshop participants were encouraged to look beyond the expansive terrain of the […]

Oct, 15

Terry Evans – fall 2012

“It was 20 years ago today…” “The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs shows 64 portrait photographs by Terry Evans, considered one of the nation’s finest photographers and best known for her landscapes. Evans took these portraits […]

Oct, 11

Les Brandt – Wood turner – New – September 2012

Wood turner Les Brandt from Huntsville in the north-west corner of Arkansas came to The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs with a wonderful and sometimes astonishing series of recent work. Many of his pieces are created […]

Oct, 03

Stephen M. Perry – fall 2012

“Wander The Flint Hills” October 6 – December 30, 2012 “Stephen M. Perry’s created block prints, handmade on his etching press and individually water-colored in a strictly limited edition of 48 prints. Perry, a former […]

Oct, 02


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