The Rogler Prairie Heritage Center is open to visitors!

The Rogler Prairie Heritage Center is open!

Renovation of the 1916 granary/carriage house

The first significant construction project in 100 years at Pioneer Bluffs is now complete. The 1916 granary/carriage house has become the Rogler Prairie Heritage Center, providing educational programs and respite for travelers along the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway.

Because the demand for our unique educational experience exceeded the capacity of our meeting space and restroom facilities, the creation of the Rogler Prairie Heritage Center became the first step toward realizing the vision of Pioneer Bluffs. This project was made possible by a grant from the National Scenic Byways, the K.T. Wiedemann Foundation, and many individual donors. Three years of planning and design development went into this important renovation.

Through careful restoration, the exterior of the historic building looks much like it did in 1916 while the interior has been renovated to include a multi-purpose classroom complete with internet, heritage gallery area, and accessible public restrooms.

The Rogler Prairie Heritage Center also houses our historical archive collection, preserved by Helen Rogler, and the Center provides a space to review this unique resource. We currently have an intern working to scan much of the archive collection so it can be available to researches via the web.

With the open space of the granary, the Rogler Prairie Heritage Center has already become a well-used and enjoyed community center with a full schedule of events, dinners, and celebrations.

The Rogler Prairie Heritage Center is available for rent for your special event.

Inside the Rogler Prairie Heritage Center

Photo courtesy Don Wolfe



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