Ranching heritage: the Hinkson story

 Family ranches are a rarity today. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, “today’s farms and ranches have become fewer and bigger,” with family ownership in a sharp decline.

One family ranch that has withstood time is the Hinkson Ranch. “We are a family-run, fourth generation operation that originated in the late 1800s with my Grand-Dad,” says Frank Hinkson II. “In our operation, the owner, cow herd manager, managing partner, secretary, maintenance operator, AI tech, farm manager, groundskeeper, record keeper, and baby calf tagger all have Hinkson as a last name.”

At 3:00 p.m. Saturday, December 15, Frank Hinkson II, Cottonwood Falls, will share his family’s story in a Prairie Talk at Pioneer Bluffs, a historic ranch near Matfield Green.

Hinkson II has seen many changes since his dad allowed him to select his first five registered heifer calves at age 11. “We have been around long enough to see Angus cattle too small, too big, then just right,” he says. “We have added the terms AI, ET, AHIR, EPD, IMF and REA to our vocabulary. We have seen fads come and go, been through good years and bad years, made some great decisions and some stupid mistakes, but one thing that has remained constant is our philosophy towards Angus cattle – to produce predictable, problem-free cattle that excel in any and all environments.”

“We don’t raise Angus as a week-end hobby or a tax write off,” Hinkson II continues. ”Angus cattle is our livelihood, so raising a quality product is not an option, it is a must.

Hinkson Ranch traces to beginnings in Nebraska through Texas and New Mexico before Frank and Marilyn Hinkson settled on Sharps Creek south of Cottonwood Falls. With their son, Trey, and his wife, Becky, they raise registered Angus cattle from a herd totaling 400 cows.

There is no charge for this December 15th Prairie Talk, donations are appreciated. Contact Lynn Smith, executive director, at (620) 753-3484 or lynn@pioneerbluffs.org, for information.

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