On exhibit: Perspectives

Pat Larkin sets up exhibit2“I have a passion for the pure, the natural, the rugged,” says photographer Pat Larkin. This passion takes Larkall over the world and is the focus of “Perspectives,” a new exhibit at Pioneer Bluffs near Matfield Green.

“Perspectives” features a contrasting range of photographs reflective of Larkin’s life experiences.  Larkin’s goal is to share what he has encountered with his audience. “We can’t all go everywhere and experience everything,” he says. “But through art we can experience the next best thing… having an image that transports you to another place and time and feeds your passions.”

The Flint Hills are Larkin’s home and its culture is seen in his work – the prairie fires, architecture, and scenic beauty. “The Flint Hills are a great photography teacher for me,” continues Larkin. “As with any natural beauty . . . it is awesome and evokes so much emotion.”

Also included in this special exhibit are glimpses into Larkin’s international travels. Pat Larkin and his wife, Kris, visit Kenya to help the poor as “Mzungus” – white people from the west.  Larkin says he and his wife “are often the ones who come home blessed.”

Kenyan girls by Pat Larkin Larkin’s Kenyan photos show a contradictory existence. “While life in Kenya can be very harsh, the hearts of the people there are huge,” says Larkin. “There is always that ever-present cycle . . . from the sorrowful child in the orphanage to the dancing tribespeople. You’re on a constant roller coaster . . . your heart is broken by their conditions and their poverty . . . then they steal your heart with their spirit and unconditional love . . . then your heart cracks a little . . . then you see hope in them . . . and on the cycle goes.”

“Perspectives,” can be seen in the 1908 home at Pioneer Bluffs now through November 25, along with art by other regional artists Including Joseph Loganbill of Newton, Wade Coester of Cottonwood Falls, and Dave Leiker of Emporia.

The home is open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and by appointment. While at Pioneer Bluffs visitors are invited to take time to enjoy a simpler life—sit on the front porch and rock, play a game of checkers, have a meal at a picnic table, explore the historic barn, or skip rocks on the creek. For information contact Executive Director Lynn Smith at lynn@pioneerbluffs.org or (620) 753-3484.

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