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‘New day’ for community garden

2012 brought a change for the community garden at Pioneer Bluffs.

In the past, the garden was a “community-supported agriculture,” or CSA, garden — which meant that people who paid for garden “subscriptions” received weekly baskets of produce.

Now there are no paid subscriptions. Instead, people who volunteer to work in the garden will receive produce. The garden also provides food for Pioneer Bluffs events.

“The garden itself will be smaller and easier to manage this year,” says Lynn Smith, executive director of Pioneer Bluffs. “We want volunteers to have fun working in the garden and to feel a sense of community. We also hope that last year’s subscribers will consider becoming volunteers this year.”

For information about volunteering in the garden, contact Lynn Smith at or (620) 753-3484.

Our garden volunteers have established purpose and goals for 2012:

Our purpose:

  • We are caring people working together to discover and sustain right relationship with ourselves, the garden and others.

Our goals (in this order):

  1. Have fun and feel a sense of community.
  2. Feed our community – especially our garden volunteers – fresh, local produce.
  3. Grow delicious food for Pioneer Bluffs events – primarily, the Fall Festival.

Our vision for 2012:

  • The garden is the right size for our volunteer “funforce.”
  • The garden is the right size for our volunteer “funforce.”
  • It gets watered regularly and is free from weeds.
  • Volunteers find peace and laughter here. We thank one another frequently. We offer direction to one another. We learn from one another and take initiative. We care about the garden but we know it is resilient, so we’re not afraid of doing something wrong. We water and weed. We ask, “What else can I do?” We support one other so that at the end of the growing season, our volunteer funforce is bigger than it was at the beginning, and we all look forward to doing it again next year.



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