Game Night

Step back in time for a Saturday night with no television, no technology. Hear the sounds of laughter ring throughout a warm home. Remember what it is like to enjoy a real conversation while playing a game.

Game Night is Saturday, February 9, at 6:00 p.m. at Pioneer Bluffs, a free evening for all ages.

Tables will be set up in the 1908 home at Pioneer Bluffs for a variety of board and card games. Guests are welcome to bring a favorite game and/or snack to share. Or come and learn a new game. Whether Canasta, Pitch, Checkers, Go Fish, or something new, it will be old-fashioned fun.

Paula and Ken Roper and Glenda and Michael Richey of Emporia are hosts for the evening. These Pioneer Bluffs volunteers enjoy the simple pleasure of games with friends.

“The Ropers and Richeys occasionally get together for a game night,” says Paula Roper. “We are bringing our favorites to share at Pioneer Bluffs, a place where families have gathered for more than 150 years.”

Pioneer Bluffs was once home to the fun-loving Rogler family. Henry Rogler was known to delight children with games, finger tricks, and crazy contests. A little more ornery, Wayne Rogler is said to have played games such as “arming yourself with a handful of buckbrush to see who could stand the longest under a bumblebee nest.”

RSVP requested but not required. Game Night will be cancelled if inclement weather and a notice will be posted on the Pioneer Bluffs Facebook page. Those who RSVP will be notified directly.

For information or RSVP, contact executive director Lynn Smith at (620) 753-3484 or

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